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2011 Maryland Green Schools Youth Summit: Celebrating Children in Nature

Every School In Maryland is Invited to
A Free Event

June 3, 2011
9:00am - 3:00pm
Sandy Point State Park

2011 Maryland Green Schools Award Ceremony

The ceremony honors those schools who have successfully demonstrated fulfillment of the five critical areas which form the framework of the Maryland Green School Program:  professional development, curricular integration, best management practices, community engagement, and celebration.  This year, new schools and centers will receive the Maryland Green Flag, a symbol of their continued commitment to the environment. In addition, schools will be recertified based on their continuing efforts. Since 1999, 341 or 16% of Maryland schools have achieved this significant honor. 

Environmental Literacy Bazaar

Following best practices to transform education through the integration of hands-on inquiry-based curriculum the 50 learning stations in this ¼ mile long Bazaar are designed to empower youth in short interactive learning sessions.  Participants will learn to apply knowledge at school, home and in their communities to reduce pollution, decrease waste, increase habitat, limit carbon emissions, and create healthy learning and living environments. Stations will cover all ages K-12.

Youth Leadership Development

Never in the history of the planet has the sharing and distribution of ideas from young leaders and thinkers been so relevant or urgent as it is now. Around the world, youth are leading and sparking innovation across all industries.  A series of workshops, roundtables and a elected officials Town Hall is designed to empower students to find and exercise their voices.


For the concluding summit activities, everyone will have celebrated their achievements for their schools and communities. One culminating activity will be a Kite Rally, where everyone will launch their promises for the future The orher is a Green Action Tapestry: iIndividual actions provide the inspiration and energy to transform local communities, then the larger world. These many interwoven actions make our society’s fabric stronger and peoples many talents make it beautiful. Every school is invited to create an artwork on a 12” x12” piece of fabric, depicting their proudest accomplishment for the year or showing something that they would like to accomplish in the coming year in their school. These will be assembled into a larger artwork and displayed.

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