Schoolyard Habitat

MAEOE Schoolyard Habitat photoSchools throughout the nation are recognizing the value of encouraging students to learn outside. Integrating curriculum and habitat projects into an "outdoor classroom" is a unique and valuable approach to getting children engaged and excited about learning. Schoolyard habitats offer many teaching and learning opportunities in multiple subjects, and research shows that using the environment as a focal point of teaching actually improves student performance. If designed and managed properly, schoolyard habitats can provide students with a powerful example of land stewardship, provide habitat for wildlife, and address local, regional and even global environmental issues.

•  History of Schoolyard Habitat Programs
•  Benefits of Schoolyard Habitat Projects
•  Common Qualities of Excellent Schoolyard Habitat Programs
•  Getting Started: Steps for Developing a Project
•  Project How To's: Easy steps to choose & create hundreds of projects!
•  How to Choose & Find Native Plants
•  How to Find Funding
•  Integrating Projects into the Curriculum
•  Interactive Maryland Map
•  Professional Development & Field Opportunities
•  Resources
•  Schoolyard Habitat FAQ
•  Children in Nature

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