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National EE Resource Reviews

Why do I need this service?
The resource review process makes it easier for you to ensure that your resources are of the highest quality, and that people looking for EE materials and programs know that you have addressed quality criteria. When you submit your resource for review, you'll receive constructive feedback on the strengths and suggested improvements for your material or program by a panel of peers trained in the use of NAAEEs EE Materials: Guidelines for Excellence*; and  a listing in a searchable national and/or state directory** of EE resources clearly identified as having been reviewed according to the Guidelines.

For more on Resource Reviews, please visit www.naaee.org National EE Resource Reviews is a project of the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE). 2000 P Street NW, Suite 540, Washington, DC 20036
* NAAEE regards the Resource Reviews as a service to the EE community and recognizes that not all resources will incorporate every key characteristic, guideline, or indicator. Reviews are provided as an informational tool to help users make decisions on the value of the resource for their specific needs.
** Listing in state directories depends on availability of the system in your state and is subject to local association policy.


EE Opportunities for Working with Your Students


FREE TREES Available to Montgomery County Schools

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service's Tree-Mendous Maryland program in partnership with the Montgomery County Sierra Club is helping teachers and students in Montgomery County Public Schools plant native trees in their school yards.

Interested schools should contact

REI Announces Passport for Adventure

REI’s Passport to Adventure is a free program designed for children ages five to 12 and encourages them to participate in at least one outdoor activity through the end of the year. To get started, families and caregivers can stop by any REI store to pick up a complimentary adventure journal, plus hike and bike trails in their local area.

After participating in at least one outdoor activity, participants can complete the program online or through the mail to receive a certificate of completion and a special prize for their children – multifunction binoculars that turn into other tools, such as a compass, signal mirror, magnifying glass and more.

We look forward to finding ways we might be able to partner with your organization for Passport to Adventure locally and invite you to contact your local store’s outreach specialist to discuss. If you are interested in sharing information regarding this program with your teams and communities, please contact Bethany Nielson for promotional postcards.

Food Sovereignty Curriculum

Free download: http://www.grassrootsonline.org/publications/educational-resources/download-food-thought-action-a-food-sovereignty-curriculum


Professional Development and Field Studies Programs and Providers


Environmental Education Awards


Bob Finton Award for Outstanding Outdoor Educator of the Year - Deadline December 31 of each year


Teacher of the Year (in EE) Award -

2010 Honorable Arthur Dorman Scholarship - High School or College student of color -


Richard C. Bartlett Environmental Education Award


President's Environmental Youth Awards - Deadline December 31

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