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Maryland Green Schools Fostering Stewards

Established in 1999, the Maryland Green Schools Program (MDGS) is a nationally acclaimed initiative dedicated to fostering sustainability within schools. This program is closely aligned with the objectives outlined in the 2014 Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement and fully supports the graduation requirements and standards set forth by the Maryland State Department of Education.

MDGS offers PreK-12th grade students valuable educational opportunities to:

  • Create environmental change;
  • Practice responsible environmental stewardship;
  • Promote sustainability;
  • Raise awareness of the intersections between our environment, public health, and society;
  • And cultivate environmental literacy.

As of 2024, there are 654 Maryland Green Schools, encompassing about 35% of approximately 2,200 public and independent schools across the state.. These schools collectively cater to around 430,000 PreK to 12th-grade students. The Maryland Green School communities represent a significant potential to uphold and enhance environmental sustainability in schools and on school grounds.

Maryland Green Schools receive valuable instructional support and form partnerships with Green Centers and Green Leaders. These schools also tap into an expansive network of community partners and statewide resources to further their sustainability initiatives.

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Maryland Green Schools renew their status every four years. The years indicate when the school first became a Maryland Green School and subsequent recertification. Year four schools become Sustainable Maryland Green Schools. Year Five they move into Sustainable Bronze status.

Recertification is an indicator that teachers, students, and the school community are continually moving forward with green actions and building sustainable practices.